Wednesday, March 31, 2004


The Associated Press article I ran yesterday in lieu of putting any actual work into my blog may or may not have been garbled, depending on what operating system, Internet browser or form of political or economic theory readers are using. What was garbled to some readers, then, was my comment that the text was garbled.

Interesting word, “garbled.”

My latest way to avoid serious effort on the blog front, while still doing a good deed and paying lip service to posting daily, will be to add a link: 3jake gets the honor this time, a production of my friend, one Jake, a Northern Californian like the folks behind Radio Free Mike and Waterbones. Although she cannot be induced to use a spell-check program consistently, she is funny and insightful and worth reading ... every time she can rouse herself to post.

In fact, although it’s worth it to scroll down to find an item about the male equivalent of Valentine’s Day, I’ll start you off with a discussion of how much is enough when it comes to blogging. I’d delayed linking because I wasn’t sure what to call Jake’s blog or even if she intended to do it regularly. She trumped my concerns by asserting her right to call it whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted, and to post when she bloody well pleased. Anyone who makes unreliability such a virtue, well, attention must be paid.

(By the way, speaking of Northern California and specifically the San Francisco area, everyone going “Eh!” at the greeting card assortment at your local chain pharmacy or grocer should check out the assortment at The proprietor is in San Francisco, if that matters, and the cards are a lot of fun and quite cool, which certainly does matter.)

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