Monday, April 05, 2004


The egregious William Safire complains today that “we obsessively review catastrophes past when we should be looking ahead” and, amazingly, means this as a critique of the commission looking into why we let the 9/11 terrorist attacks happen.

He calls discussion of this pointless, “history almost as ancient as whether F.D.R. did enough to avert Pearl Harbor” and acts as though the United States cannot multitask on future threats while assessing past behavior.

Oh, good lord, Safire. This kind of transparency is embarrassing for one such as yourself -- an egotist with pretensions to policy setting.

President Bush is campaigning on his record as a soldier, as a battler of terrorism. He’s running advertisements with images of 9/11 victims. He’s sauntering around on aircraft carriers in a flight suit. He’s joking about being unable to find Iraqi weapons of mass destruction while U.S. citizens are being roasted alive in Falluja -- and he put us there by insisting Iraq was part of the war on terrorism.

Shameful, Safire. Although you may be right about one thing: This administration may be less able to tackle future problems because of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, but by all rights it should be because the commission helps put it out of office.

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