Friday, August 27, 2004


There’s no better service I could provide my many, many, many readers than to point them to Waterbones today, where they’ll find a typically well-written piece about our bullying, blustering pursuit of a missile shield. It has that level of sputtering outraged disbelief I try to achieve so frequently on this page.

Well, I don’t try very hard to achieve it. It just comes to me.

Years ago I stumbled across an article, citing Congressional testimony from a high-ranking and knowledgeable member of the military, showing that our missile shield tests were rigged -- that the targets held beacons that drew missiles toward them. I lost the article and could not find it again, no matter how hard I looked, as reports flew about new, supposedly successful tests supposedly adding to previous supposedly successful tests. It was very frustrating.

Waterbones has found a Salon article, though, that shows that the shenanigans continue. While the White House boasts that the shield will be in place this year, even the most recent missile tests are -- there’s no getting around it -- faked.

It’s a delicious encapsulation of the Bush administration in general, in terms of misplaced priorities and disturbingly unflinching deception. But it’s difficult to savor the perfection when there’s so much at stake.


Indri said...

Well, that's quite a compliment! I don't think I sputter nearly as well as you do, but I'm working on it. It's good to have role models, and goals.

Just FYI, there's a permalink URL that will get people to the piece you're talking about, and not to the general August page, which is kind of a slog.

Indri said...

Isn't that sweet! I don't sputter nearly as well as you do--yet--but I do my best. A girl needs role models, and goals.

Just FYI, I've changed the permalink thingy, so now there's a URL that goes straight to the post, instead of making people wade around in everything else that happened in August, wondering what the heck you're talking about.