Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Cluelessly missing the Constellation Center exhibit at the Boston Early Music Festival, I instead simply called developers to ask what was going on — meaning: When would Cambridge’s Kendall Square get the $70 million, technologically cutting-edge multitheater center promised in 2002?

Clearly not this year, which was the original plan. But probably not as late as 2010, either, as the Local Sightings Web site said in March.

“That’s pessimistic. That’s on the outside,” said Frank Cunningham, an audio consultant for the project. “If we’re really lucky, it’ll only take two years to build.”

That’s after construction starts, though, which should be next year. The Constellation Center organizers are interviewing construction companies, Cunningham said.

Even before that, though, count on the Web site being updated. “We’ve sort of been in stealth mode,” Cunningham said, noting that there’s even a fifth performance space planned for the center; the Web site lists four, going so far as to make it sort of a slogan. “Four halls ,” it says. “One roof.”

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