Thursday, April 27, 2006


I just caught a moment of the television show “Fear Factor” in which best friends are obliged to, yawn, eat disgusting things. But these disgusting things were more disgusting than anything I’d seen while flipping past before: a “sausage” of pigs blood and eyeballs and another of live Madagascar hissing cockroaches.

One woman brought herself to chomp down on the pigs blood and eyeballs — which went bursting out of the skin and spilling over her plate — as the other gaped at the squirming, clacking horror on her plate. “I can’t do it,” she kept saying, touching the sausage tentatively before the giant cockroaches erupted from the thin skin and scattered, slithering, twitching, over the table.

Host Joe Rogan seemed perplexed.

“You couldn’t eat even one,” he said to the woman, who controlled herself and sat back down in front of the creatures. “What happened?”


Brian Wanamaker said...

They call it "Fear Factor" because "Just Dumb" doesn't appeal to Generation Y, and "Dude, That Guy Just Fucking Ate a Fucking Bug" will not yet clear FCC regulations.

Nice to have you posting again.

Scape7 said...

Thanks. Incredibly nice of you to have taken note.

Michael Scott Moore said...

Pig's blood is what goes into Blutwurst. And into "black pudding" and boudin and whatever you call it in Polish. It's good with apple and onion. But I would never, ever go near an eyeball.

Indri said...

The one episiode of this show I've seen was "Couples Fear Factor", and it was all couples that were engaged to be married in the near future. One woman absolutely flipped out when they put her in a box full of--I don't remember, tarantulas or something--and her fiancee got all pissy about the fact that she had to be let out of the box, and they lost their chance at a million dollars.

And I thought, your beloved, the woman who thinks she's about to hitch her very soul to yours, nearly just lost her mind. Shouldn't you be holding her and telling her it's okay, instead of pouting and carrying on like a child?

Although I'd like to think she learned something useful about him in the process. And maybe that was the point.

Welcome back, sir.