Monday, July 03, 2006


True love lives just past the Interstate 93 tolls in New Hampshire, in the rest stop’s men’s toilet in the stall farthest from the door. It is there that some incurable romantic paused late last year to etch into the smoked-plastic toilet paper dispenser:


This raises questions. How long did it take? Was Dave traveling with Carrie at the time? Did Carrie wait impatiently, yell at Dave when he emerged, only to be abashed when he told her what had taken so long? Did Dave ever tell Carrie at all? Has Carrie ever seen Dave’s message of love for her? How did Carrie react? Did she say, “Aw, I love ya, ya big lug”? Did Carrie etch a similar message in the toilet paper dispenser in the women’s room? Are Dave and Carrie still together? Do they visit the rest stop often? And, last but not least: Is this not the most romantic thing you’ve ever heard?


Brian Wanamaker said...

He was probably just posting the movies he'd seen on that day. The Kevin Klein one on the presidency, and that classic dePalma Stephen King adaptation.

eric said...

I can honestly say I've never sat in a men's room stall at a rest stop long enough to do any all. Ever. Oh, wait, let me modify that...I've never sat in a stall in a rest stop. Ever. Were you sitting when you saw this or stall spelunking?



Scape7 said...

I don't even know what stall spelunking is. So I must have been sitting.

And, Brian, that was pretty damn witty. Pritty-witty.


eric said...
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eric said...

"Spelunking" was meant to describe the cave exploration and reading of signs from other cultures, etc. My bad if it didn't work.