Wednesday, August 02, 2006


The MBTA comes in for a lot of criticism, and rightfully so. Understanding the agency’s fiscal bind and having some vague hope Daniel A. Grabauskas can fix the system as he did the motor vehicle registries doesn’t mean giving a pass on performance; if anything, the MBTA needs all the criticism it can get to help set goals and priorities.

But when it does something right, that should be mentioned, too.

And yesterday, when I noticed my monthly T pass hadn’t arrived and called to inquire, the MBTA really did something right.

A live person picked up the phone immediately. She found my information rapidly and, while noting that the card had been sent and should already be here, didn’t automatically reject my problem. In fact, she made a long-term fix — changing my address from the one I’d been at nearly a year ago — and sent out another card.

This was so far from the conflict and argument I expected that I was essentially stunned into joyous silence. This is to correct that silence, more or less.

UPDATE: A Federal Express package arrived this morning. Inside was an envelope holding my new T pass. I would never have guessed the MBTA would Fedex the pass to me. Incredible! Wonderful! Surprising!


Anonymous said...

Being a master of complaining about MBTA (a queen rather), all I have to say is: Wow.

Ummm, I mean: WOW!

Notwithstanding, I am going to stick to my bike for now.

- M

PS: Do you think you could also call someone and have them fedex me the lost package from my mom?

eric said...

How was the pass getting to you at an address you hadn't changed in a year? Isn't changing addresses when you move really your problem?


Scape7 said...

Not more than your stating everything in the most offensive terms possible, Eric.

My last address is three blocks from where I live. It's my brother's house. I visit him. Sometimes there's mail there for me.

So while changing my mailing address is my responsibility, it wasn't the problem here — nor did I blame the MBTA for anything. I merely called up and told them my T pass hadn't arrived. It has been arriving, until this month without fail, because it has been forwarded — I guess — from my last known mailing address, although I'd stopped noticing the forwarded-mail sticker, if it was there at all.