Thursday, March 17, 2005


Here’s a great resource for anyone who happens to eat and wants to do it in Cambridge’s Central Square: a guide to “the restaurants, pubs and coffeehouses” there, courtesy of a Wisconsin lad named J. Leistikow who’s now a local.

He also blogs, nice and regular, on an impressively wide array of topics. Worth a look, at the very least.


jen said...

Golly! What's the Silver Line? I didn't realize I was so out of the Boston/Cambridge loop.

Scape7 said...

You seem to be referring to an entry in the CambridgeChatter blog, which doesn't offer the ability to link to a specific post. It doesn't matter, because looking at the pretty pictures of what that silver line station will look at is an exercise in self-destructive optimism. Public transportation in Massachusetts is being run by a bunch of deceptive backpedalers.

Case in point: the silver line itself, which you'll find listed under subways at It's not a subway. It's a bus. This was not publicized. Pretty much the entire city was expecting a new T line and got a bunch of buses that, like all buses, brings waits in bad weather and delays in bad traffic.

The reason you've not heard of it is that people mainly talk about it only to express bitterness.