Saturday, April 02, 2005


We interrupt this vacation to alert whoever’s still reading to the brilliant New York Times Magazine interview tomorrow with Richard Cizik, the don’t-call-me-an-environmentalist Christian environmentalist.

The interview, by Deborah Solomon, quotes Cizik as saying that he and other “creation care” fans stay aloof from self-identified environmentalists because, for one thing, “they keep kooky religious company ... pantheists who believe creation itself is holy, not the Creator.”

Two questions after recoiling from the kooky religious beliefs, Cizik confirms his own faith in the Rapture.

“I believe there will be a Second Coming of Jesus Christ,” he says, “and the believers in Christ will rise to meet him in the air. The dead first, and then those who are still living.”

That’s not kooky. That’s mainstream Christianity.

Brilliant, Deborah Solomon. Genius.

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