Monday, May 30, 2005


I’m certainly not the first person to find Postsecret — it’s already been on National Public Radio and in USA Today and runs weekly in D.C.’s alternative City Paper, for instance — but perhaps it’s still new enough that passing it on performs some sort of nonredundant service.

Postsecret, a blog heroically masquerading as a Web site, is just what it sounds like: a secret, a new one each Sunday, put online in the form of a scanned-in postcard sent to an empathetic entity named Frank. The postings are artistically diverse and just as fascinating as can be expected, ranging from “I take extreme measures to poop in solitude” to a somewhat chilling World Trade Center image from 9/11, taken between the impact of the first and second planes, with a small red X just below the billowing smoke.

“He should have been at work that day,” it says in small, red writing. “I wish he had been.”

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