Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Pizzeria Uno is a full-service bar as well as a popular restaurant. Its patio, too, is the best — and only — in Porter Square.

Uno has become addicted to its features, though. It’s one thing to advertise the obvious, that people can come watch television and play its Golden Tee game; it’s permissible, too, to have a trivia competition, like other area bars (Newtowne Grille right in Porter, or Courtside Food & Spirits near Lechmere). But magic shows? Wireless Internet?

Bring on the dancing girls. The trampoline. The quilting bees.


eric said...

Is WiFi something new to you, Marc?

And what could be better than using the magic of WiFi while a guy is performing a magic act?

Around Seattle, they've even gone farther than just having they are threatening to make it not free anymore!

What's a laptop totin' latte drinkin' Gen X guy suppose to do?

Scape7 said...

WiFi’s not new to me at all. The concept of going to a pizza place to take advantage of it, however, is.

I suspect that by the time free WiFi is disappearing enough to be a bother, Internet Service Providers will be making for-pay wireless part of its packages. And we’ll pay, of course.