Thursday, September 04, 2003


Friends suggested I create and run a blog. At least they say they're my friends, although a blog could well be a huge waste of time I could better spend on other things -- and, possibly, money, as well. Since I get in the habit of checking other blogs daily, I could suffer guilt from not posting daily myself; once hooked on a free program, I could find myself craving harder stuff, such as the ability to post images, and paying for the thrill. It's not a frivolous fear, because I don't usually just leave off doing something when I get bored or defeated by it. (I'm the kind that refuses to do something in the first place.)

But there was curiosity, too, and I faced and flinched at what is essentially peer pressure: I'd better do what what everyone else is doing, experience what everyone else is feeling. And God forbid I fall behind technologically.

Although, come to think of it, after a series of power outages made a mockery of my VCR clock setting efforts, I joined the millions who don't bother. I never figured out how to set the time on later players. And technological advances are increasingly setting time automatically and making our puny human clock setting efforts useless.

So I win on that one.

But here I am doing a blog anyway.

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