Friday, September 12, 2003


This could quickly become a regular gig. In the speech given by President Bush on Sept. 10 at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Va., our leader displayed his administration’s usual skill at saying something without saying it:

“Under existing law, the death penalty applies to many serious crimes that result in death, including sexual abuse and certain drug-related offenses. Some terrorist crimes that result in death do not qualify for capital punishment. Sabotaging a defense installation or a nuclear facility in a way that takes innocent life does not carry the federal death penalty. This kind of technicality should never protect terrorists from the ultimate justice.

“These and other measures have long been on the books for other crimes. They have been tested by time, affirmed by the court, and what we are proposing, they are fully consistent with the United States Constitution.”

I’m not sure he actually got around to proposing anything, but he seems to be suggesting that terrorists should be killed for their crimes.

Is it really ultimate punishment to kill people who have shown repeatedly that they hope to die for their cause?

I also like the “tested by time” line, since Bush doesn’t say whether capital punishment has passed or failed. (Hint: Crime persists.)

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