Thursday, May 06, 2004


Who could believe we were God’s chosen? Those swarthy heathens in Iraq seem to be besting us in public relations as well as in the battle over Iraq and its people’s hearts and minds. While the world recoils at U.S. and British treatment of Iraqi and Afghan prisoners, the Iraqis prove themselves more clever. Compare the Army’s investigation of prisoner abuse, for instance, with this text from The Associated Press about Thomas Hamill, the American held hostage for about a month in Iraq and recently found in good health:

Hamill was shot in the arm and struck in the head with a rifle butt when his convoy was ambushed on April 9. He underwent surgery that cleaned away dead tissue after about a week in captivity, though it’s unclear whether he was taken to a clinic or a doctor came to him, [a U.S. doctor] told reporters. His bandages were changed daily and he got antibiotics.

His English-speaking captors initially “left him with some water and a couple packages of cookies,”
[the doctor] said. “He did say he was fed regularly.”

No beatings reported. No sexual humiliation. No torture -- even though it’s doubtful the Iraqi captors had extensive training in the rules of the Geneva Convention, which so far has been the primary lame excuse offered by this country for the actions of its soldiers.

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