Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Christian groups are predictably freaking out over MTV’s plans to start a cable-television channel for gays and lesbians. The Traditional Values Coalition is mounting a boycott of anyone who might advertise on the channel, which will be called Logo, The New York Times reports.

“Madison Avenue has gone amok,” said the coalition’s leader, the Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, and some person over at Focus on the Family warned, also predictably, that Logo will seduce children into the gay lifestyle. “I really am sad and fearful for these kids who are going to want to be as happy and as happy-go-lucky as Will is on ‘Will and Grace,’” said the guy, Mike Healey.

Healey, who says he was gay for 12 years, did not disclose what television show it was he watched that made him so.

As sad and fearful as anyone is when faced with the possibility that kids will want to be happy or even happy-go-lucky, it is difficult to take the Christians’ consternation seriously. Logo will be on cable, for one thing, and religious programming — primarily Christian — has long had a home in most markets on free TV.

Frequently, religious programming is one of the few channels to come in without an antenna, so anyone can watch its tedious tales of redemption and miracles, and usually for 24 hours a day. Yet you rarely hear atheists, or gays, for that matter, getting worked up over children being seduced by TV into a Christian lifestyle.

Healey’s full quote, for the record, includes fears for “a kid who is looking to fit in, and here you have a network that looks very inviting, very accepting, and this young kid is going to get a false representation of what homosexuality has to offer.”

Any kid who becomes gay because he wants to fit in pretty much gets what he deserves.

The same goes for any kid who becomes a Christian for the same reason. But isn’t it odd that Christians consider the gay lifestyle to be so much more seductive than theirs?

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