Tuesday, May 04, 2004


To ease back into blogging, I’ll see whether everyone followed my advice about using the Misanthropicity links. If not, go back and read a bit of Waterbones, which has been brilliant lately, albeit for tragic reasons, and 3Jake, which continues to delight and surprise. For purposes of illustration, I’ll even steal some 3Jake on her job as high school guidance counselor and source of cheap candy:

When boys get dumped it hits hard. Really hard. Even though the girls are the ones that cry the loudest and the longest -- the boys just sit and look at you. They feel utterly alone and have no idea what to do. They don’t understand why. They don’t understand how. They don’t eat candy. They just stare. Until at some point, they just nod and leave your office. I wish that I knew how to help the boys more. I wish they would eat more candy.

The best thing I can post now is this orange line sign seen Sunday returning from a party in Jamaica Plain. (The party included a trip to Triple D’s bar that was notably bookended by one person carrying in a contraband can of Pabst Blue Ribbon and another, acting independently, carrying out a glass of merlot.) Having been taken in twice in the recent past by viral marketing cons about the paranormal, this is all the more remarkable for being real:

Harvard brain study at the VA Medical Center

Do you believe you have ESP, telepathy, or a “sixth sense”? Do you have anxiety or discomfort in situations with unfamiliar people? Do you have few close friends? Do you mistake noises for voices?

A Harvard Medical School study seeks right-handed people, ages 18-55, fitting this description for a study concerned with personality traits and brain function. For more information, call (617) 232-9500 x 5621.


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