Thursday, September 02, 2004


Coverage of the Republican National Convention has been depressing for those who want to see President Bush defeated in November, and especially for those who want to see him confined for life to clearing brush from his Texas ranch.

It’s possible, though, that the perception of Republican gains against the Democrats is just that, perception, the natural result of the Republican National Convention dominating the news — and the Democrats’ usual reluctance to go for the jugular.

Hopefully they’ll emerge from the RNC week attacking relentlessly with plans, truth and a bit of righteous outrage. But polls show Bush still has some significant negatives to overcome and that his progress, after all, has merely brought him even with Kerry, not put him ahead.

And the economic numbers lurching angrily after Bush like the ghost of Missions Accomplished have staggered in yet again to ruin his party. Here’s The Associated Press lead on the economy as of last night:

Worker productivity growth slowed in the second quarter, retailers saw tepid sales in August and new claims for unemployment benefits rose last week, according to a trio of reports that suggested the economy was still working through its rough patch.

Also, there are going to be a bunch of newly angry voters stomping around the country, possibly just around Election Day. Starbucks, it turns out, is raising its prices before “the end of the calendar year.”

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