Friday, December 31, 2004


To enter the next year with a relatively clear conscience, less karmically afflicted, I will once again unburden myself publicly about some lame thing I’ve done. Last year’s unburdening had festered for a very long time; this one is from within the past couple of months.

I was bad about birthdays. Readers may have noted my acknowledgment of Indri’s birthday. But what about 3Jake? Why no mention of her “big 3-5” on Nov. 10, back when I was complaining about silly practices in journalism, like no-jump policies and USA Today worship?

Sorry, Jake. And happy new year.

Happy new year, everyone.


3Jake said...

Thanks, bub. Did you get my package yet?

Scape7 said...

Not yet. Does the package contain a CD with Tricky's "She Makes Me Wanna Die" version from "The Replacement Killers"?