Tuesday, February 01, 2005


On the very bright side, the Bread & Butter minimart coming to 2245 Massachusetts Ave. will be open 24 hours, just as the White Hen Pantry there was before closing forever early last month.

One the very, very dark side, now that the signs have gone up, it turns out it’s a Bread & Butter “Konvenience” store.

Ugh. “Konvenience.” Good lord.


Anonymous said...

Marc, this is Carl.

In a similar vein, I winced at a web-based coompany's ad which ended with the agonizing phrase: "A new way to Internet."

Internet as a verb????? I'd ratherstick needles in my eyes.

Scape7 said...

I know, I know. I don't even understand why the franchisers feel the need to use a "k." It seems so arbitrary. Bekause they thought it was kool.

eric said...

Yep, I know, Mark.

Indri said...

Could be worse.

Could be a "Bread 'n' Butter Konvenience Store". Oooooh, do I ever hate that 'n'.


Anonymous said...

it's not a franchise, it's a locally-owned independent store.

(So why do they need to misspell their sign?)

Scape7 said...

Locally owned! That's delightful. But it does make the name something of a mystery — it's like it's a faux franchise, somehow, because it's so generic. I have this ridiculous notion that local owners would name their store something like "Mass. Ave. Jack's DownHome Locally Owned Konvenience Store" or "Ethel's Front Porch." Or "Changsho: The Minimart."

Anonymous said...

Or Cheers.