Thursday, February 10, 2005


Which is better — a presidential administration that can’t correctly calculate the cost of the Medicare drug benefit within, oh, a mere $320 billion? Or a presidential administration that lies about the cost of the Medicare drug benefit by $320 billion? I mean, it does almost double the cost of the benefit.

Either way, it makes the administration a wee bit difficult to trust on anything having to do with money, an awkward thing to acknowledge as its $2.57 trillion budget comes up for a debate.

Well, here’s hoping the figure’s closer to correct this time, right?


rysolag said...


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eric said...
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eric said...

Money? Who needs stinkin' money when you're filthy rich. Seriously...I don't think any of the numbers mean much when you are as loaded as the Bush Team is at this point. It's just Numb3ers.


(p.s. Had to delete the first one because of a spelling error. Content is the same.)