Wednesday, January 07, 2004


I’ve been leery of linking ever since Cosmo Macero Jr. pointed out a Washington Post article blasting bloggers as clannish logrollers, but I’ve decided to shrug off the appearance of a conflict of interest and do the right thing. Yes, I’m adding another link -- one to a blog that, well, just happens to link to me.

The blog is waterbones, by a San Francisco woman, a colleague of Radio Free Mike whose name I’m not at liberty to reveal, since she doesn’t do so herself in her blog. Reading it will reveal a complex life of many moving parts. Her posts, though sometimes lengthy, are always absorbing, and work as self-contained essays of a life well-examined, well-analyzed and well-written. New readers can step in anywhere; I recommend skipping back to find the recent post about Far Side creator Gary Larson.

Notice that I’m not suggesting anyone go slightly further back to find the recent one linking to me. Even though it has some terrific inside dish on Hollywood names.

(Also notice that I now link to the Web site of my cousin, artist Nina Levy, whose work is always worth a look (and a commission). Just don’t expect the kind of daily textual postings done at actual blogs such as my.bicycle or the Hub blog.)

(And of course the Center for Cooperative Research is always worth a look, to see if new information has been added to the whole 9/11 issue.)

Anyway, so much for conflict over linking.

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