Wednesday, January 21, 2004


The Boston Herald has enough anonymous sources to fill the FleetCenter -- unless, of course, it’s all one person. (Or unless they don’t exist at all, of course.)

And, like all newspapers, it has plenty of sources who refuse to comment.

It is even not unheard of to have anonymous sources who refuse to comment, and the Herald has had those.

But tomorrow’s story on hedge fund scams is the first in memory featuring a refusal to comment ... by an anonymous source ... who is also a spokesman for whatever the story is about. It sure gives new meaning to the term “spokesman,” if not to either the terms “coward” and “idiot” or the phrase “company voted most likely to be confused with Nazi Germany.”

For the record, the paragraph reads:

“A Cantella [& Co. Inc.] worker who identified himself as a spokesman but declined to give his name refused comment yesterday, saying lawyers advised the Boston company not to make public statements.”

Not to overstate the situation, but what the hell happened to this country?

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