Monday, October 31, 2005


One last thing I think I must do before I get to sleep tonight: Wish you all, whoever’s still reading, my gratitude. This blog is done for a while.

I’m moving on to create a newspaper here in Cambridge, and if tonight is any indication — I think it is — I will not have the time to post. Not with anything worthwhile. Not with anything coherent.

(I assume anyone who would make the obvious joke after reading the past two sentences has long since stopped reading.)

I will make one last Misanthropic observation, or, actually, a last Misanthropicitic observation: The first couple of times I Googled this blog name over the years, I was intrigued to find that there is a gamer out there who rolls by the name Misanthropicity. A little odd, but who am I to raise an eyebrow? Recently, though, I Googled and found that the word “misanthropicity” has begun to creep into use as an ignorant replacement for the real word, “misanthropy.”

Is it my fault somehow? Do I share blame with the gamer? Did he get the name from me? (I sure didn’t get it from him.) Or did I just race ahead of the zeitgeist all the way to pointlessnessicity or idiocity?

I’ll probably never know. But it seems a fitting way to end this blog: confused, confounded, irritated and amused all at once by what people have done through some hard-to-grasp mix of cleverness, ignorance, humor and pretentiousness.

Myself included, I suppose. As usual.

Anyway, again, my heartfelt thanks for reading.


3Jake said...

I am wishing all kinds of good karma--anything that I have saved up---for your new endeavor. I am totally proud of you for living the dream.

eric said...

I still think you're crazy.

Good luck.


Brian Wanamaker said...

Break a leg!

I recommend you turn off Commenting after a week or so, to prevent spam abuse.

Indri said...

Sad for us, good for Cambridge. I'm so pleased for you. Go get 'em!

the sak said...

Boston Finance Commission should make available its Reports on the web and the names of appointees to the Commission.

eric said...

Marc, there's got to be something you're dying to say!! :)