Monday, October 17, 2005


As if more evidence is needed of the effect “The Simpsons” have had on the world,’s reverse address search offers this: The sample house number is 742; the sample street name is Evergreen Terrace. This is the Simpsons’ address. And, just like in the television show, the state or province is without a sample and it is left unclear in what state the family lives.

Aliens or archaeologists of the far future will keep stumbling across these cultural artifacts, these fossilized indications of our objects of worship, and be astounded. No more so than we should be.


Anonymous said...

Or was it just a good example of intelligent design?


3Jake said...

Unfortunately, I think its a good example of how mainstream us 30 somethings are. One step into the burbclave with delusions of fringe culture status. Pretty soon that minivan commercial is going to have a Nirvana theme song and then we've truly jumped the shark.

Anonymous said...

I think we jumped the shark already.