Monday, October 03, 2005


Although summer ended Sept. 23, the days have stayed hot. The nights have done their best to warn Cambridge of the inevitability of winter — by showing what winter nights are like — but this hasn’t really sunk in with people here. Women have stuck to their tube tops, so to speak, and flip-flops, even if it means clutching their arms around themselves as they walk from place to place.

But, like the first leaf turning color, or the first spotting of a migratory bird, there has been a sighting intoning the change of year.

Today in the Central Square T stop, the first Ug boots of the season were seen. Women’s footwear is finally acknowledging the chill of reality.

It’s all downhill from here until the skanks flock to South Boston for the annual spring-bringing baring of the midriffs.


L said...

Hmm...I've seen Uggs all summer long on Newbury. Tank top? Check. Miniskirt? Check. Hideous winter boots? Check.

Scape7 said...

I need more citizen spotters.

But how can people wear these things all summer long? Something quite wrong about that.