Sunday, October 02, 2005


There are a million Comcast horror stories out there, and now I have one.

The installer showed up at least 15 minutes after the 9 to 11 a.m. window set by the company; wasn’t aware he was to hook up to an Apple Extreme Base Station wireless router — despite my specific orders when ordering broadband Internet access — and couldn’t accomplish it; left to go to another appointment; and never — despite collecting my cell phone number to do so — got back to me to tell me he was returning.

Ultimately the company told me it refuses to connect any wireless router but its own Gateway devices (never mentioned to me when I called for the appointment or by the installer himself) and that it understood I’d called to reschedule my appointment (I’d actually called twice just to find out where the hell the installer was — once when he was late showing up, the second time when he failed to return).

The only reason I’m going with Comcast is that I may eventually want to get basic cable television for city government meetings. Otherwise I would have gotten broadband through my local Internet service provider, Cyber Access Internet Communications.

Considering stories about Comcast I’ve heard just from the people I was with Saturday, never mind the entire continental United States, why does the company hold the monopoly in Cambridge? How do we get rid of them?

And has anyone, anywhere ever had a pleasant experience with their local cable provider? Perhaps it’s better to stick with the devil we know.


Anonymous said...

i have always had much better luck with RCN. i don't think any of these places will deal with wireless, though--just have them hook it up to your computer and then change ("clone") the MAC address on your Airport to match that of the computer that was hooked up. I believe the Express comes with instructions for this. It's not hard.

Scape7 said...

I sure hope not.

But Comcast and all these other companies might want to face reality about how their technology is being used — and support it while exploiting it. It's hard to see how encouraging a nation of hackers is good for their other business lines.

It reminds me of a former employer that wasn't keeping up with technology for everyone but did have some wireless routers scattered around the office for specific needs. Roughly a million laptops sprouted, none officially allowed, all unofficially supported because the workers had to do their work somehow. It became a little ludicrous.

eric said...

Mmmmmmmm...Dish for TV.

And Verizon for DSL.

Can't complain about either.


Scape7 said...

I have other complaints about Verizon, as do my parents. But worse complaints about MCI. In fact, I think I'll blog about them.

Anyway, this might be hurricane related. All the call centers seem to be in the region most affected by the recent disasters.

L said...

Comcast is a pain. But if you're using their service because you might want basic cable, you might as well sign up for it now. Basic cable is $8.15/mo. Internet without cable service is $57.95. Internet with cable service is $42.95.

Scape7 said...

I must look into that. I got quoted something quite different — but, then, things seem to change daily or hourly, like with the airlines.